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1031 “Like-Kind” Exchanges

Commercial real estate investment can be rewarding, but there are also risks associated with any real estate investment. Our knowledge and experience was gained through decades of commercial real estate investment experience and TLG can assist you in the minimization of risk in your real estate portfolio. One strategy of particular interest is through 1031 “like-kind” exchanges.

A 1031 exchange may be right for you if you elect to sell a property, with the goal of reinvesting the proceeds into a new “like-kind” investment property. In many cases, strategic planning and the use of 1031 exchanges can be beneficial in the reduction, or elimination of capital gains taxes on the sale of investment property. At TLG we will work with you to maximize the proceeds from a contemplated sale, and locate a suitable “like-kind” exchange investment. There are rules and regulations you should be aware of before making a decision…Contact a tax professional for further information.

Permitting and Land Entitlement

Often times…appropriate land entitlement “unlocks” the true potential…and value of your land. And the right time to determine if your prospective property can benefit from increased entitlements is BEFORE purchase. If you currently own property and need assistance in increasing your entitlements to enhance it’s value TLG Real Estate Services can assist you as well. During this process, we can analyze the current permitting situation and provide you with the guidance to make a solid investment decision. Let our team talk with you to get started on a full analysis today.

Asset Management

Asset management is a critical component of real estate investment, and the TLG Real Estate investment sales team has the necessary education, professional training, credentials and experience to provide our clients with sound advice and service on their investment properties. At TLG, a sound management strategy and positive cash flows for our clients, is our single focus. We analyze each potential transaction to maximize the income stream as we meticulously prepare your property for sale. We are also well versed in assessment of relevant tax implications associated with each transaction.

In addition, TLG Real Estate Services has the resources to give your property national exposure, instead of a merely local presence. Our ability to attract a larger pool of potential buyers means the likelihood of your property selling is significantly higher.

Ready To Get Started?

Whether you are considering your first commercial real estate investment, or if you are a seasoned investor, put the TLG Real Estate Services team to work on your project. We have the experience you need to make a critical difference in your transaction, are we are results driven. Call us today.